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Orb Canada Inc

We create an exceptional digital experience
that enables our customers drive business growth.


Customer experience, Business transformation and Technology are the three strategic pillars on which we craft unique digital experiences for our customers to help them achieve their business goals.

Our team tailors the digital experience best suited to your organization's long term goals and with the most potential to accelerate growth.

Customer Experience

Uniquely Crafted experiences to create long term relationships


Orb helps businesses understand their customers' expectations and behaviour, map customer journeys, foster loyalty and explore new channels for acquiring customers.

We design customer engagement strategies and deliver personalized experiences that enhance the customer experience.

Business Transformation

Build capabilities and processes that align with your long term strategic goals


Orb works with IT and business managers to create a blueprint for your organization's business transformation.

We help customers reduce costs and drive growth using innovative processes and methodologies that can be applied to existing business models.

Technology Driven Transformation

Use Innovation and Technology to enable business transformation and accelerate growth


Orb helps customers understand technology trends and market forces that impact their business, highlighting potential risks that may disrupt their business and at the same time identifying oppurtunities that can be leveraged to achieve business goals.

We strive to foster innovation and use of technology that will have a long lasting impact and accelerate business growth.

Orb Canada Inc.


Orb Canada

We are a company that takes pride in delivering innovative yet simple solutions that solve complex business problems using technology. Our small, but highly specialized team, are agnostic yet deeply passionate about technology.

Orb's Japanese heritage ensures pride in work quality, attention to detail and sincerity is embedded in the fabric of our work.